Educational toys and games - their role in the development of a child

Educational toys and games - their role in the development of a child

Child psychologists and educational specialists have for many years known the value and importance of games in a childs emotional and educational development.

As time progresses, we process the process significantly. It is now that educational toys and games can be designed and manufactured to meet very specific needs for young children.

Targeting specific aspects of education growth, these toys can raise awareness about the childs environment, educate children in basic speech and literacy, and even encourage emotional understanding of the world in which they live.

As a parent myself, I decided to investigate the possibilities of helping my childs natural growth and education in his pre-school years. To acknowledge the importance of playing as a fun activity that should not be too regenerated and let my daughter enjoy using her imagination, I set myself looking for a range of toys and games that are suitable for preschool children.

At that time, the United Kingdom government had a system called Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS for short. The idea behind this was to promote positive learning through structured play. To allow a parent to provide a child with the right toys and learning experience and to focus on specific needs.

So what areas in particular can we expect to see improvements?

Before a child can understand and manipulate objects themselves, it is important to work with recognition and cognitive skills. Colorful toys and books held by the parent or guardian are the first group to explore.

The interaction between the care provider and the child is crucial for young people to be involved in the process. You will find at one stage the child will reach out to grab the object in question - and probably let it go a few times in the process. Given the different toys and activities used in this stage, must be very child-friendly (that is, no sharp edges, not too heavy, do not fit in the childs mouth, etc.) There are some factors that make a toy or activity engaging and worth it . After safety, it is safe to assume that color and motion rang very high.

Once a certain level of motor skills has evolved, its time to improve your childs ability to handle and manipulate objects. Block, textbooks and easy-to-solve puzzle rank high. Do not forget about everything important activity center. Engine skills can be improved with an amazing pace with the right environment. Its not uncommon for a child to go from unable to understand simple things to be able to manipulate and solve simple block puzzles for a few days. A very rewarding time for the parents.

From this stage there are many other more specific areas that can be investigated. The most obvious is that simple numeracy and literacy are one, two, three or dog is dog. It is important not to expect the child to understand this in a way that is meaningful on adult terms, but be sure of the information structure and the associations are being built non-less.

What are the exact toys and games that a parent or healthcare provider should use?

Its a sensitive line to follow. Educational toys and games have been criticized in the past four have not been as fun as some of the more hedonistic activities available to children. But as we progress, this becomes less of a problem because modern toys, games and puzzles for children no longer have this stigma linked to them. Those who develop these activities have learned just what kind of interaction a child needs to maintain long-term interest in any particular activity or game form.

Fortunately, we live in a time when there is increased awareness of the role that structured games can play in the development of a child. The next step will be to see some degree of consistency regarding both the toys and the games themselves and the advice and resources given to the parents.

Although there is a lot of crossover in the functionality of these products, it is possible for an concerned parent to focus on such specific growth areas as awareness, emotional well-being, tactile ability, pre-school science, basic speech skills and literacy, as well as the very important aspects of sharing and recognize others with group play.

It should be understood that all educational game products available to preschool children in the United Kingdom are first tested strictly for safety and sustainability. Parents can now be sure that when they buy from the UK, the activities and toys they buy for their child will comply with the strictest safety standards.

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